The Gift of Cellared Wine Offers a Window to the Past

Cellared Wine

1. Anniversaries

“A big anniversary is ideal for aged Armagnac, especially if it matches the year you met or married. The 1996 Francis Darroze Domaine de Dupont from a single-estate in Bas-Armagnac was stored 14 years in a single oak cask, then bottled. The producer never blends casks or vintages, nor adds water. Silky-smooth in flavor, its tannins and alcohol in perfect sync, it offers a gorgeous melange of honey, vanilla-coated almond and candied ginger.” – Virginie Boone, Contributing Editor

2. Births

“I’ve made it a point cellared wine from my kids’ birth years. Even if it turns out that they aren’t interested in wine when they turn 21, the wines are still more meaningful to me than wines from other years.” – Joe Czerwinski, Managing Editor of Digital and Print

3. Weddings

“Our daughters—two married, one not yet—believe that Champagne is the liquid that helps a marriage flow. They recommend opening bottles at the wedding and, more importantly, once a week.” – Roger Voss, European Editor

4. Birthdays

“Birthdays can be bittersweet, but the grace and maturity of a well-aged Cellared wine can offer solace and inspiration, particularly when faced with those heavy-hitting milestone birthdays!” – Anna Lee C. Iijima, Assistant Tasting Director

5. Anytime

“Although I have a few bottles marked for specific occasions, my favorite time to open  my cellared Wine is anytime! There doesn’t always need to be a special reason to open up a great wine; sometimes getting through a hectic Wednesday is reason enough to celebrate!” – Lauren Buzzeo, Tasting Director

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