Types of Cognac

Cognac96 Frapin Domaine Château de Fontpinot Grande Champagne XO.
One of the smoothest, mellowest Cognac around, with a bright copper-penny color and complex flavors of coffee, hazelnuts and bittersweet cocoa, tapering off to an elegant caramel note. Palm Bay Imports.
abv: 40%                                      Price: $ 95

95 A. de Fussigny Fine Champagne XO.
Housed inside a striking square bottle that resembles an oversized perfume flask, this deep copper-colored Cognac features a rich toffee scent, a velvety feel and inviting cocoa and leather flavors accented with cinnamon and clove. Add it to the gift registry. Castle Brands.
abv: 40%                                      Price: $ 199

94 Pierre Ferrand Selection des Anges Grande Champagne.
Made with 30-year-old Cognac, this rich and mellow spirit yields warm flavors reminiscent of dried fruit, toffee, almond and Sauternes, with a long, smooth finish. Pour a snifter and curl up by the fireplace. Deutsch Family Wines & Spirits.
abv: 40%                                      Price: $ 145

93 Courvoisier Connoisseur Collection Aged 12 Years.
One of the few Cognacs with an age statement, this has a maple color and aromas reminiscent of ripe fruit drizzled with honey. Look for a relatively sweet, luscious caramel flavor dusted with cinnamon and ginger. Consider serving well-chilled to a viscous glacé consistency alongside pastries or cakes. Beam Global.
abv: 40%                                      Price: $ 50

93 Hine Rare Fine Champagne VSOP.
This rich, supple Cognac is like a liquid expression of a vintage leather club chair. The nut-brown spirit has big aromas of crème brûlée, toffee, cigar tobacco and cocoa. After an initial sweetness on the tongue, it finishes relatively dry, with lingering caramel, raisin, leather and orange peel flavors. Hine USA.
abv: 40%                                      Price: $ 50

90 Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Fine Champagne.
Blended for “aromatic intensity,” look for sweet bursts of burnt caramel and orange peel, opening up to a slightly chocolaty fragrance. Big caramel flavors wind into coffee and dark chocolate notes on the mellow finish. Remy Cointreau USA.
abv: 40%                                      Price: $ 50

Or Mixed…

Three easy-to-make Cognac-based cocktails

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