Wine books: What did Noah drink?

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but one of the things I like most about wine is that it brings pleasure not only to the senses but to the intellect as well. Although similar arguments could perhaps be made for beer, tea and coffee, I’d assert that wine boasts a cultural, historical and even religious heritage that few other beverages can match. Wine is a noah drink that makes us think.

Noah drink

It’s no surprise, then, that wine has inspired shelves, even libraries full of books, tomes that range from tasting tutorials to wine-buying guides and that run the gamut from grape-growing to wine-making to marketing the stuff. I’ve seen books of wine quotes, wine fiction, wine poetry. Oversize atlases are filled with colorful wine maps, and wine encyclopedias large and small cover the subject, literally, from A for Abbocato to Z for Zymase.

Wine Advisor – Noah drink

I love to read about all manner of history, from historical fiction to scholarly treatises on life in the ancient Near East, so just about any good book on wine history will get my attention. So I guess it goes without saying that I was excited to discover (in Patrick Comiskey’s “Serious Drinking” column on “Old Wine, New Books,Noah drink” in a recent edition of LA Weekly) about a brand-new book on the history of ancient wine.

Quick as a mouse-click, I purchased it in hardcover and skimmed it for a quick review. I look forward to digesting it more at leisure. Meanwhile, though, I wanted to let you know about it this week while there’s still time to order books online for holiday giving.

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